As the UK officially falls into recession, OSCAR Pet Foods offer hope to workers facing or fearing redundancy.

As the UK officially falls into recession, OSCAR Pet Foods offer hope to workers facing or fearing redundancy.

The recession itself is no surprise, but its arrival means a new conversation can begin – of possibilities, solutions and recovery.

Luckily, for the British franchising industry, being part of that conversation is a reality. With tried and tested business models, trusted brand names, shared marketing potential and competitive trading opportunities, franchising tends to perform well in a recession.

Great news for job hunters who may well be re-evaluating their life work balance after Covid, and who have the desire and the energy to work their way out of a recession.

Whilst making an investment during a recession may seem daunting, franchising continues to be viewed by banks as a low-risk investment, and many UK banks have dedicated franchise units. Andy Brattesani, UK Head of Franchising for HSBC reports, “At the HSBC franchise unit last year we lent 400 million in the franchising sector … and this year we will do half a billion.”

With investment security at your fingertips, finding the perfect franchise to fit your skills and lifestyle is also key.

Pet care is a tremendously popular choice. No matter how long this recession lasts, dogs will still need walking and much-loved pets will still need feeding and caring for. Essential status throughout this pandemic continues to strengthen the sector, and recent figures from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) confirm a stable population of 12 million pet-owning households in the UK – underpinning an air of positivity.

Owning a franchise can give you a real sense of personal satisfaction combined with flexibility and future security – and choosing a franchise that benefits from being a full member of the British Franchising Association (bfa) makes perfect sense.

With franchises operating nationwide, OSCAR Pet Foods’ network of franchisees has plenty of valuable tips and strategies to share.

One franchisee, Rachel Knight, who took up an OSCAR franchise after redundancy recalls, “As one door closes another opens and my research introduced me to franchising – a halfway house to running your own business with the benefits of working alongside a large organisation. Complete with systems, products and support in place, the flexibility and freedom to run a business as you wish could not be better. I’m far less stressed and I have time for myself, my husband and my two dogs, Ted and Hannie, while enjoying new friendships with my customers. OSCAR felt right for me and my recommendation to anyone looking at a new business is to take your time and tick all the boxes to ensure it’s right for you and your family.”

The bfa knows franchising can be a perfect solution to redundancy. You’ll meet truly inspiring people and it’s a wonderful community. Franchising may well turn out to be the beating heart of a new British economy – why not be part of its success?

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