Bluebird Care Celebrates Their Most Inspirational Women

Bluebird Care Celebrates Their Most Inspirational Women

Over the last year, the incredible work of those in the care sector has been highlighted, as care providers have navigated the most difficult challenge of recent years, Covid-19. 

All Bluebird Care team members work incredibly hard, but the home care provider wants to use this year’s International Women’s Day to celebrate some of their most inspirational women. From Care Assistants to Franchise Directors, many women at Bluebird Care have shown great tenacity in overcoming trauma, inspiring their team, and going above and beyond to help Bluebird Care customers. 

One incredible woman, Harriet Webber, is Head of Recruitment and Marketing at Bluebird Care’s Lincolnshire franchises. Harriet was sexually assaulted aged 13, by a friend’s stepdad at a sleepover. The aftermath was hugely traumatic, with school bullying, police interviews, and court cases, Harriet was affected by the event for years to come. She had a son when she was 16 who she knew she needed to provide for, and so, Harriet began working for Bluebird Care Lincoln. Harriet said:

“Joining Bluebird Care Lincoln was the best thing I ever did, I started to love my customers and I would be excited to see them every day. I cared so much for people and never wanted anyone to feel as lonely as I had done. I wanted to be their friend and a person they could love and trust, and I was. That feeling is like no other.

“I have worked hard and I am now Head of Recruitment and Marketing, I get to give people their dream jobs and support them along the way. I hear many stories similar to my own, but they all have one thing in common, they want to help make a difference to others.

“If I can get to where I am today, anyone can!”

Many Bluebird Care team members have worked at franchise offices for years, and the difference they make to the organisations is very evident. Ishbel Mullen is Lead Carer at Bluebird Care Edinburgh, she has worked there for almost a decade. Ishbel inspires her team consistently, going above and beyond for all her customers, ensuring they are safe, happy and comfortable in their own homes.

Ishbel goes out of her way to ensure her customers’ needs are fully met. The daughter of one of Ishbel’s customers, said:

“Ishbel is a kind, considerate carer who shows my mother respect and interest. We never thought we would persuade my mother to accept support, but it has worked out better than we thought it would! We are delighted!”

Similarly, Sara Barbosa, Care Assistant at Bluebird Care Aylesbury, has been credited for going above and beyond for her customers and colleagues. Sara is a qualified personal trainer and fitness coach, she often encourages her team members to keep fit and healthy. Sara balances her busy Bluebird Care schedule with motherhood and her own fitness clients, her colleagues are amazed by her time management skills.

Sara is incredibly thoughtful, always going above and beyond to support her customers. Recently, Sara has created teddy bear picnics to encourage one customer to eat, and she even learned the customer’s favourite songs to sing along with her. Sara has been a breath of fresh air to customers with very complex needs and challenging behaviour.

Bluebird Care Care Assistants have continued to work throughout the pandemic, putting all personal problems aside to provide high quality care to their customers. Pauline Jones is a 67-year-old Care Professional at Bluebird Care Swindon. Pauline has suffered with her own health issues, including a broken hip and a broken wrist, yet following a short period of recovery, Pauline continued to care for her customers. Furthermore, Pauline received the terrible news a couple of months ago that her Son-in-Law had tragically passed away. After a few days caring for her daughter, Pauline went back to work, showing resilience as she continued to provide support to those who need it.

Some Bluebird Care Assistants inspire their colleagues from the moment they join the team, Denise Ryan joined Bluebird Care Waltham Forest in November 2020. Within just a few months, Denise has been referred to as the ‘perfect Care Assistant’ by her colleagues, despite having no experience in the care sector. Denise has inspired her colleagues with her can-do attitude and adaptability in challenging situations.

Covid-19 has been a challenge for all those working in care, Siham Akka, Registered Care Manager at Bluebird Care Greenwich, has exceeded the expectations of her role to help keep her team and customers safe. Siham has been the first to visit any customers with suspected Covid-19 symptoms to help ensure the rest of her team are protected from the virus. She is passionate about providing the best quality palliative care and has often visited customers all hours of the day and night to ensure they are comforted with companionship and dignity.

Amongst all the sacrifices made by amazing care workers, Carole Casey, Care Assistant at Bluebird Care Docklands, gave up time with her family to work on Christmas Day to ensure none of her customers spent Christmas alone. Since joining Bluebird Care Docklands two and a half years ago, each Christmas, Carole has delivered lovely home cooked food to customers who may otherwise spend the holiday season alone. Her dedication and commitment have made a huge difference to so many people’s lives.

Hannah Banfield, Marketing and Communications Director at Bluebird Care, said:

“We want to say a huge thank you and recognise all of the incredible women who work for Bluebird Care across our franchise network. Their stories of bravery, heroism and selflessness inspire us all. 

“This International Women’s Day we want to recognise Bluebird Care’s wonderful women, who continue to go above and beyond to support their colleagues and customers.”

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