Continuing a legacy

Continuing a legacy

Life changing decisions..

After working for more than 19 years in Durham Constabulary, Nicola Marinan was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. A close family friend, Elizabeth Richardson, was looking to sell her cleaning franchise and, initially in jest, Nicola suggested she’d buy it. However, this light-hearted quip quickly turned into a serious conversation and, after careful consideration, Nicola decided that her future did indeed lie with Poppies. In 2017, she officially took over the Durham-based franchise to continue Elizabeth’s significant legacy.

Launched in 1984, Poppies Durham was the UK’s first-ever franchised office of the UK’s first-ever cleaning franchise. For more than 30 years, Elizabeth worked tirelessly, creating a profitable and rewarding business. When the time came to hand over the reins, Elizabeth recognised in Nicola the same passion and dedication that she herself possessed. And, although Nicola hadn’t considered business ownership before, things just started to fall into place.

Loving life as a Poppies franchisee..

“As a people-person, I knew I would thrive in this business. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the wonderful clients we work with and continuing in Elizabeth’s footsteps. Although they’re very big shoes to fill, I’m determined to make my own mark. She was the heart of Poppies Durham, managing her happy team of cleaners and developing the business over so many years, and that’s the inspiration that keeps me driving forwards. I’ve even got a member of staff who’s been with us for over 30 years, so it’s even more satisfying to have a business supporting my local community in the long term.”

Nicola now employs a team of 33 and services over 250 clients in the area, providing more than 1,600 cleaning hours every month. Unsurprisingly, Nicola plans to go bigger and better. “I don’t just want to carry on the legacy of Poppies Durham, I want to build on it! My goal is to increase our monthly cleaning hours to over 2,000 a month.”

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