Franchisee celebrates 11 years with Dublcheck after redundancy

Franchisee celebrates 11 years with Dublcheck after redundancy

“I had been thinking about starting my own cleaning franchise for about a year when I was offered Voluntary Redundancy by my employer in 1999.  As I had already done a fair bit of research about franchising, I grabbed the Dublcheck opportunity with both hands and it helped greatly that my redundancy package covered a good chunk of my start-up costs, meaning I had to rely less on start-up loans.

11 years later and I’m still really happy that I took the plunge.  Before I left my old job, I was at a point in my career where I was ready to take more ownership of business decisions rather than being obliged to do things that I didn’t always believe in.  There are so many things about my Dublcheck franchise that  I am proud of: a wonderful, hard-working team;  great relationships with customers; a healthy annual turnover and personal income; and time for me and my family when I want it.

Working with Dublcheck is really comfortable. Once they had “vetted” me and concluded that we were right for each other, they have been super-supportive every step of the way.  There were elements of running a business that I didn’t have much prior experience of, such as finance and health and safety, so it was (and still is) a great help that Dublcheck support me to ensure that the basic foundations of the business are right.

Don’t get me wrong,  running your own business is not always plain sailing, especially in recent months! However if you’re someone who gets a buzz from having good relationships and chasing opportunities, plus you’re willing to roll up your sleeves when it matters, then I am sure you will find a franchising career both rewarding and enjoyable.”

Jo Bennett – Dublcheck Franchisee 11+ years

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