Franchisee Q&A with Nationwide Cleaners

Franchisee Q&A with Nationwide Cleaners

How did you find franchising?

Franchising gives you what you think you don’t have, It is resourceful and gives you a rapid growth into skills you need. It empowers you to step into a competitive environment and operates as if you have been there for a long time.

Why did you choose your brand?

We chose this brand because we needed to do what we love doing, what we are passionate about. When I read the reviews, achievements and the geographical spread of Nationwide Cleaners, and compared their opportunities with other franchises, I decided to go for them.

How has running a franchise changed your life?

It did put me in a position that would have taken me years to reach. Everything was virtually handed over to me plus the constant support which I am still enjoying even three years after.

What top tips would you give to someone considering a franchise opportunity?

Be careful what they put out there, because all that glitters is not Gold. Nationwide Cleaners is a dependable structure.

What does the future hold for you and your franchise?

I am happy that I have something great to fall into during my retirement because that was my major objective

How has franchising helped your local community?

We have built bridges across the community, created a sense of confidence that we can be reliable when it matters most and dependable in every situation as it matters to clients needs.

What is your biggest achievement to date as a franchisee?

We were able to raise armies of cleaners and give opportunities to a lot of people to make a good living. We helped lots of elderly people and people who cannot support themselves live happily in the comfort of their clean home.

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