From Loyal Customer to Dedicated Franchisee

From Loyal Customer to Dedicated Franchisee

Unwelcome as it usually is, redundancy can often be a catalyst for change and in many cases will  lead the often-distraught candidate into exploring whole new avenues.  For many, changing career later in life can be beset with problems, usually stemming from the fact that the majority of your experience relates to the sector which you are leaving, either by choice or circumstance, and that may not therefore be the sector in which you wish to remain.  One thing the recent pandemic has shown us is that certain sectors are clear ‘winners’ or ‘losers’, but also many people have taken the opportunity to revaluate their lives, and are no longer in a rush to ‘get back to normal’, whatever normal might look like these days.

When redundancy looms, rather than defaulting to the position of searching for the job you previously had, perhaps it’s the best opportunity to sit back and reevaluate what you really want to do.  Did you enjoy your previous role? Is the sector still buoyant or would there be more issues looming with a new employer in the same sector?  How would the idea of doing something you enjoy, working for yourself but not by yourself sound?

Read on to hear how redundancy led David Davison (below) to choose a whole new direction by taking on a Greensleeves Lawncare franchise, and see if any of David’s story might resonate with you:

“In 2019 I was made redundant, so began the journey of applying for a new role.  I took on some consulting work whilst trying to find the ideal position, but after several months of applying for roles, speaking with recruiters, interviewing, I had failed to find anything I was passionate about.  

One day, as I sat in my kitchen applying for yet more roles, my local Greensleeves Lawncare franchisee arrived to treat my lawn and it got me thinking about Greensleeves and the potential as a business opportunity. I had been a customer of Greensleeves for nearly 6 years so knew what they did and how they operated. 

I researched the company and the financials and spoke with the Franchise owner to understand the business model, the structure and the challenges.  I had always wanted to run my own business but had never found the right opportunity.  From personal experience I realised that Greensleeves was a strong franchise model that would allow me to be in control of my workload, be my own boss and build a profitable business. I am now just about to celebrate my first anniversary of owning and running my franchise and I haven’t looked back since. 

I actually bought a resale franchise from the previous franchisee who was retiring.  I knew I had bought a well-run franchise from the old owner, who delivered a high standard of customer service.  However, there was still room to grow. Having previously worked as a Sales Director, it was easy for me to see the opportunity this provided both in terms of customer numbers and revenue growth.  In my first year, I have not only grown my customer base, delivered Surrey North Franchise’s highest performing month since the Franchise was originally started 8 years ago and will outperform 2019 performance by around15%…..all in a global pandemic!

Owning a franchise has given me the chance to build a business for not only myself but my wife and two children. It gives me the freedom to manage my own diary, to fit around the schedule of being a father and a husband, all whilst building a good, solid business”. 

David’s story is certainly not unusal. Franchising enables people leaving all sorts of careers (whether through choice or redundancy), to change sectors to something that they would really enjoy, as well as building themselves an asset for the future.  Many Greensleeves franchisees say that their original motivation was simply to be outdoors in the fresh air, but building a really successful and profitable business for themselves in the meantime is obviously a huge bonus.  Whilst forced change is never pleasant

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