Grace King leads the way for franchising at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

Grace King leads the way for franchising at Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries wants to celebrate the recent appointment of Grace King as Franchise Director. Grace has been part of the Head Office team for almost 6 years and has played a huge role in supporting our franchisees on their journey along with increasing the number of MP nursery sites.

Grace has brought a blend of both commercial and operational experience to Monkey Puzzle and uses her skill set to benefit both franchisees and the MP team that she manages and influences. Grace tirelessly supported and empowered our franchisees and Head Office team right up until her due date and even during Grace’ maternity leave, she had ‘stay in touch days’ and made regular appearances at monthly meetings, checked in with her team and gave additional support wherever needed, whilst balancing life as a new mum to her beautiful baby daughter. Grace continues to demonstrate her dedication to Monkey Puzzle, especially over the past year given the challenges presented by Covid.

We are extremely pleased to have recently welcomed Grace back to work from maternity leave, where she has seamlessly slotted into an ever changing and growing team. We are incredibly lucky to have Grace on the MPDN team, she is an exceptional role model and a great motivator for women in business. #IWD2021

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