Growth in the face of adversity

Growth in the face of adversity

For almost two decades, Jessica Abram enjoyed a successful career in education. When the time came for her to take on a new challenge with tutoring franchise Tutor Doctor, what she didn’t bargain for was immediately upping that challenge – she launched her franchise in Birmingham just as the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK.

“Initially, COVID-19 presented a huge problem. Just as I was going on my training, preparing for the launch of my business, the virus hit the UK. And then the entire country plunged into lockdown. Rather than think of it as an obstacle, I considered it an opportunity. Schools were closed and students needed support – support my business could provide. It might not have been the perfect timing for a business launch, but I knew that I could use this situation to my advantage.”

Despite the challenge of people being forced to stay at home, Jessica was determined to make her tutoring business a success by demonstrating the convenience of online sessions. She focused on contacting families, highlighting the support she offers to students, and her hard work soon started to pay off. Her team of 13 tutors currently support 17 students with tuition, with one student alone receiving 112 hours to help them towards their GCSEs.

“On top of that, Tutor Doctor advises us on the benefits of partnering with schools, so I started to reach out to faculties in my area. Having explained how Tutor Doctor supports and supplements classroom learning, I’m already working with six schools, and this will become a strong focus moving forward.

“As for everything else in the future, it’s my goal to ensure all my students achieve what they’re aiming for – whether it’s improving their GCSE grades, passing the 11+ exams, getting into their dream university or simply building confidence. I want my team to be the people to help.”  

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