InXpress Lead Brothers to a Multi-million Business – in Just 5 years

InXpress Lead Brothers to a Multi-million Business – in Just 5 years

In 2014, Wes and Richard Noble decided to go into business together. Five years later and they have become one of the biggest franchises within the global InXpress network, and still aim for more.

In 2014, Wes Noble, and his brother Richard, set out on a journey into business ownership with a clear plan. As part of the InXpress network of business owners, they were determined to build a profitable business together. “We knew our strengths,” Wes says, “but we also knew our weaknesses. We decided early on to hire a Sales manager. Someone who knew what they were doing, and this worked to our advantage.”

By following the proven InXpress model of an IT-enabled shipping business, they quickly started to grow their Sheffield North franchise. “The training we received gave us the foundation to build upon. We determined our target market and worked out a list of businesses for our Sales Manager to contact, which proved to be massively productive for our growth. When we first started, InXpress had set us a target of £2,000 a month turnover, which we quickly achieved. We had another goal in mind – to reach the top of the InXpress UK franchise league table.”

It didn’t take long for InXpress Sheffield North to reach this goal. So, Wes and Richard set their sights even higher. “InXpress is a global network with over 350 franchises, we wanted to be the number one franchise within the whole network,” Wes explains. “It took four years, with lots of hard work and determination, but in 2018 we reached our target! We became the top margin producing franchise globally!”

As a global shipping franchise, InXpress delivers exceptionally personal, local service to customers, as they support their shipping needs. Throughout the process of finding and onboarding customers, to ongoing weekly support, InXpress Sheffield North really excel. So much so, tha they have become one of the UK’s most aspirational mentors for new franchisees. “We have been honoured to have inspired new business owners to the network,” he says. “We’ve had around five or six new franchisees visit us in Sheffield North, and we’ve talked to them about how we work, the challenges we’ve had, and the processes which enhance our operations. Being able to give back in this way is a rewarding aspect of being part of InXpress.”

Being involved with a franchise allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of a proven business model, supported by people who know what they are doing. The InXpress franchise has been working for over 20 years, and whilst each franchisee builds their business their way, the model for success is already determined. “It’s important to work hard using the guide provided by InXpress but stick to Monday to Friday 9-5. Keep your time as yours – I have a young family and am able to invest my time in my two young children. If you have no experience in sales, I would advise you hire someone as soon as you can. It is worth the investment because no one else will bring the customers in, which is key to your business success.” 

Having recently hit the £20m turnover for their InXpress business, what do Wes and Richard aim for next? “We have a big target to hit next. We want to beat Ken Brockbank’s monthly turnover, which is about $250k. Ken is one of InXpress America’s big franchisees and is also on the Global Board. Whilst it may seem an impossible challenge now, we believe it is achievable.”

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