InXpressing Gratitude to Franchise Exhibitions

InXpressing Gratitude to Franchise Exhibitions

Josh Hegarty, InXpress

Josh Hegarty found what he was looking for when he attended the NEC in Birmingham for The National Franchise Exhibition in October 2018 and discovered InXpress UK.
 Josh attended a franchise exhibitionin October 2018 to fuel his entrepreneurial desires, “I have always been an entrepreneur, and, from a very early age, I have known I wanted to be my own boss run my own company,” he says. “I knew I had the skills needed to be successful, all I was lacking was a dynamite idea to match my enthusiasm – luckily for me I found InXpress!” 

The exhibition opened Josh up to the opportunities an InXpress franchise held for him. He met InXpress Longbridge franchisee, Neil Hatt at the exhibition and says it was clear to see his enthusiasm for the network by having the face-to-face contact. “I spoke with a current franchise owner, Neil Hatt – right away I could tell it was a company I would like to be involved with. Neil’s passion for the business was clear to see.”
By attending the exhibition, Josh found it easy to understand the InXpress philosophy and their commitment to their customers and franchisees alike. “By speaking with them face to face, I got a great idea of the business model, the company ethos, the type of people I would be working with, and perhaps most importantly of all, the opportunity to speak to someone who has achieved what I am aiming to achieve,” explains Josh. “InXpress is the perfect fit for me. The company culture of self-improvement and hard work fits very well with my own. The huge potential earnings and fantastic work life balance InXpress offers is second to none. Having been involved with the business for a while now, I can only say that I have been further impressed by every single InXpress team member I have had the pleasure of speaking with.”
Exhibitions provide a human interaction which helps you to understand what the franchise offers and the companies ethics. “Exhibitions are a great way of seeing many options, all in one place. I can’t think of a better way to assess a business opportunity than by speaking with people who have already achieved what you are setting out to achieve,” says Josh, “It sounds cliché, but InXpress truly feels like a family, and I know I have found the right business for me.”
Josh is now undertaking the initial training offered by InXpress, all because of his venture into franchise exhibitions. The future of Josh’s business is now on course, thanks to the warm, face-to-face contact he received at the exhibition and is now looking forward to a prosperous and successful business, “To anyone who is thinking of attending a franchise exhibition, I would say “just do it!”, you will have no regrets – it could well be the start of a very exciting and profitable journey! I have huge ambitions for InXpress Sheffield, my aim is to be among the top 5 earning InXpress franchise owners in the UK within 3 years. It’s an ambitious target, but with the help, training and support InXpress have provided, I have every confidence it is something I can achieve.”
Attending the exhibition was the best decision I have ever made. It allowed me to find InXpress, which I am certain will truly change my life. Not just in monetary terms, but also personal development, and through the amazing people I have met since becoming involved with InXpress!” Not only have exhibitions been inspirational to him, but, looking forward, Josh says he would be honoured to undertake a position on the InXpress stand and encourage others, “I would love to be involved in exhibitions in the future as I would love to share my success story and inspire others, as I have been inspired.”  

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