Leanne’s journey with Onside Coaching

Leanne’s journey with Onside Coaching

I was a new Mum. We had just bought our first home and like many new Mums I had a big choice to make. Pay hundreds in childcare fees to earn nothing or quit my job. I was in a position where ultimately, I was going to work to pay for childcare fees or just not work at all. This wasn’t Me. I needed to work not only for financial reasons but for my own mind too. I love work. Especially the work I have always done. Educating children to be physically active within the primary school setting. Nothing gets more rewarding.

In 2018 I approached Onside Coaching, a company I started my sports coaching career with over 10 years ago, to see if they had any opportunities for me. Being a new Mum, I was unhopeful that they would offer me anything that would work around me being at home and working from home whilst I had my child.

They asked me to come in for a chat anyway, and before I knew it, I was back at Onside, this time as a Franchise Manager. All Directors being family men themselves embraced the fact that I had a young child and allowed me to work flexibly from home. Oh, and now with a second child.

After our chat, the role of franchise manager was accepted. This was from the experience I had gained from running and managing a franchise with another company. I now share my experience with other franchisees to help grow their businesses and help them go in the direction they want. Each franchise owner having their own ideas and passion within sport to take across their territory. It really is great that even though they own their own businesses they can lean and support each other along the way. One of the many benefits of franchising.

When I say there is nothing more rewarding than educating children to be physically active. There is. Being able to educate others to build their sports coaching businesses to educate as many children as possible to be physically active. All the while not missing out on my own children’s ‘firsts’ and going on lots of adventures with them.

I look forward to growing the franchise network by welcoming new business owners into the Onside Family and sharing my knowledge with them.

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