Lingotot goes from strength to strength with Angela’s leadership

Lingotot goes from strength to strength with Angela’s leadership

The past year has been challenging and tiresome for everyone as the COVID-19 pandemic ground normal life to a halt. At Lingotot, it was no exception. When the pandemic struck they were faced with unexpected hurdles. However, Angela Sterling, founder and CEO, guided Lingotot through the rough waters with a clarity and directness which saw them not only pull through, but grow.

The franchise network continues to grow!

Lingotot expanded to welcome 18 new franchisees to the network in 2020, and 4 more last month. For existing franchisees, Angela has been working determinedly throughout the pandemic to make sure they continue to succeed. She created new ‘Lingotot Champion’ roles from existing franchisees within the business to provide peer support, introduced the ‘Lingotot Sales Academy’ which focused on growth for each Lingotot business, and implemented a monthly 10-page business health report.

A business keen to innovate

In order to overcome the complications that restrictions gave rise to in terms of teaching, Angela introduced innovative ways to safely continue lessons. She launched a Forest School programme to provide outdoor learning, created a Summer School programme, and had a new online learning platform ready in time for the first lockdown. Continuing with her goal of providing widespread, accessible language learning for children, Angela also commercially published her first story book, LingoTales.

Leading from the front & influencing change

Angela has also been instrumental throughout the pandemic for the wider franchise and education sector. She has been involved in policy direction and was invited by her local MP to take part in round table discussions to advise as an expert in the field of education and business. Anglea also appeared on BBC television to ensure that there was a voice for franchise businesses in the UK.

Angela has been fundamental to the continued success of each Lingotot business and the network as a whole throughout the pandemic.

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