Lynne is not only leading the Lister family, but a whole franchise network!

Lynne is not only leading the Lister family, but a whole franchise network!

Lynne Lister, Managing Director of X-Press Legal Services is a shining light in franchise, having been in the industry for over 25 years. Her journey in the sector began when she worked as an editor for a national franchise magazine, and now, alongside her husband and children, she leads a network of 27 X-Press franchise offices.

X-Press Legal Services, which provides property searches and reports to solicitors and conveyancing professionals, is a family business at heart. It was established by Lynne, her husband Dave and her son Christian in 1998, and franchised their successful property search company in 2005. Now the network provides over 400,000 search reports annually and is trusted by more than 500 legal practices across England and Wales.

The growth of X-Press has not changed its core family values – which its franchisees have invested in. Being connected and collaborative is key to the success of X-Press franchisees, and a value that Lynne and the team at head office keenly instil in their franchise network through seminars, regular training sessions and annual conferences.

Lynne comments: “The past year has truly demonstrated the importance of staying connected. Our network prioritises communication with their clients, and with their fellow franchisees, to support each other’s achievements and maintain valuable relationships. In our business, relationships are the key to a successful franchise.”

Lynne understands the franchise journey on a personal level, as she and her family still run their own franchise office in Cheshire, alongside managing the national network.  She comments: “Running the same business as our franchisees keeps us in touch with the day to day and helps us to understand their journey. 

“We know what works for our network as we are part of it. We know where they may have issues, difficulties, or successes, and it also helps us to innovate and develop our services through actual first-hand experience.

“We help them achieve success by providing high-quality, ongoing support; support which has helped our franchisees adapt to the difficulties of the year, innovating our services to become more secure and effective in the virtual environment.

“50% of our franchisees have been with us since day one, and that is something we are incredibly proud of. Our long-serving franchisees are testament to the strength of our support package and the continual innovation of our services and products. We are pleased that a real feeling of family and loyalty underpins our franchise network and bolsters its success.”

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