Mooboo talk franchising after redundancy

Mooboo talk franchising after redundancy

The past two years have been very difficult for many people. We were not just facing a serious pandemic, but the global economy shrinking.

Since the end of furlough, thousands of people were disappointed from redundancy. However, as one door closes, a new door opens!

In Mooboo, franchising allows you to turn a negative experience into a positive one and to invest in a bright future. During the pandemic, we have successfully helped families and our employees to open more business locations.

We believe that owning your own business as our franchisee can offer true job security whilst becoming an expert at a broad range of skills. You can really become your own boss.

Mooboo understands our franchisees’ needs inside out through communication and we provide top quality products and services based on their suggestions and requests.

This allows us to have a high satisfaction rate. For example, our electronic order system was created and coded by our director, with each step of the order process remaining simple and customized. Hence, with our service we can minimize workload to provide better customer service and use our resources to create the best products for all age groups and religions.

Additionally, we have developed a franchise model that benefits all parties involved rather than just the franchisor. Our franchisees can gain high return without middleman charge and loyalty fee. Furthermore, we assist our franchise to obtain third-party financial support. For Mooboo, we see our franchisees as long-term business partner, friend, and family.

Our team standardizes the operation process to make it more streamlined. People do not require prior experience, or a specific skill set to build up their business.

This franchise model has worked from our first store to now over 70 stores, and we continue to optimize our process.

Our aspiration is to be a positive force for people – investing in humanity and the well-being of everyone we interact with; from partners, family and friends, and the customers visiting our stores and beyond.

We always strive to bring happiness to people and provide positive experiences and environments for our customers and employees.

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