The Benefits an Apprentice Brings to our Family-run Franchise

The Benefits an Apprentice Brings to our Family-run Franchise

Rebecca and John Willy are a team and family is very important to them. In fact, they support family businesses in their community to promote and grow their Granite Transformations franchise and getting involved with the National Apprenticeship Scheme fitted in really well with that.

“Our franchise has grown and, with taking additional territories since our launch in January 2012, we now operate across Somerset and into Dorset. An important goal for us was to bring employment to our community once the time was right to add extra team members. We recruited our first fitter in September 2014 to support John with the orders. Since then the team has expanded and we now have two fitters, our apprentice, a part-time showroom host, a cleaner and a Saturday host,” explains Rebecca Willy who owns the Granite Transformations franchise with her husband John.

“I think the current climate for youngsters is quite difficult. University is expensive with no guarantee of a job at the end. We have to help the next generation and Tom was a great applicant. To offer a young person an opportunity to learn and grow knowing there will be a job at the end is very rewarding. We are a family business too so to continue that sense of nurturing with a family culture to our business is important.”

She continues: “Having an extra person on hand is great. They keep the environment contemporary, bring the latest industry updates from college and are the first to adopt new IT solutions that come from our franchisor. Seeing his professional growth, being there to help when confidence drops and praising when a sense of achievement has been accomplished is all part of our role to nurture his development during the apprenticeship. His additional to the team gives us another insight into the potential of our business in the years to come. So, Tom now becomes part of our set business plan that will mature and flower, giving us the momentum to allow for expansion.”

Tom Devoto is 19 and he explains, “I feel very relieved that I have chosen this career path. University was an option but I felt that I needed to follow a more hands-on work path and this job not only met that criteria, it has also allowed me exposure to face-to-face customer service which I thoroughly enjoy. I feel that my carpentry skills have increased massively from attending Somerset College of Arts and Technology.

“I have become much more confident when using tools when working, obviously at the start I was a bit worried about using them as I am working with such high quality and expensive material at Granite Transformations. I can now complete every aspect of the installation job, so now I am focusing on achieving mastery level, ensuring that every part of the job is to the highest of standards.

“I am very pleased that this is the career path I took when I left full-time education. I enjoy my job massively, working alongside a great team pushing me towards my goal of finally being able to fabricate, install and complete a job with no assistance.”

Granite Transformations offers a franchise business opportunity in the fast-expanding home improvements market, featuring its exclusive ‘top that fits on top’ concept of high-grade work surfaces fitted directly over existing worktops, tiled walls and other finishes.

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