The bfa meets Alicia Sharpe, owner of Luxeco Holidays with The Holiday Franchise Company

The bfa meets Alicia Sharpe, owner of Luxeco Holidays with The Holiday Franchise Company

Without a doubt, owning a travel franchise has been one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling challenges I have ever undertaken. I believe it would have been challenging anytime, but even more so during a pandemic. Despite that, there has always been a voice in the back of my mind driving me, telling me that I can do this. I keep telling myself that it is better to try and fail than to never try and be left wondering ‘What if?’

After thorough research, I opted to join the Holiday Franchise Company. They have been invaluable in teaching me what I need to know to run a successful travel business, and the team provides moral support. When I started out, I did not realise how many hats I would have to wear: accountant, social media marketer, travel consultant, etc. But so far, I have loved every minute of it! From the creation of my brand and website, to getting to speak to clients and make their holiday dreams a reality. I put 100% effort into every enquiry and the positive feedback is worth it. At the moment, I’m helping a client plan the perfect engagement. It is all very exciting!

I also enjoy the social media aspect. During lockdown, I have been trying to inspire people’s wanderlust by doing ‘Travel Tuesday’ sessions where I share my tips and experiences on traveling to certain destinations, as well as ‘Wanderlust Wednesday’ where I interview experts to share recommendations and advice. I discovered the value of networking and met very interesting fellow entrepreneurs. I even got to talk travel on BBC radio.

My advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business? Go for it! Find the means necessary and embrace the challenge, or you will always be left wondering ‘What if?’

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