The bfa meets Anne Williams, UK Business Mentoring Group Franchisee

The bfa meets Anne Williams, UK Business Mentoring Group Franchisee

I have always been in awe of entrepreneurs and secretly wanting to be one and after a career in corporate life spanning 20 years, I am one – all with the help of the supporting structure of a franchise. My career is noticeable for doing the unexpected and I have always worked outside of the scope of a job description so in my own way I was an entrepreneur but taking the step further and registering my company felt momentous. Understanding your strengths and unique skills makes it easier to find the industry that’s right for you, so when I met Joe Hinton Managing Director of UK Business Mentoring, I was not in any doubt that my area of expertise and my future business was as a Business Mentor. The difficulty for me was how to get started and this is where his expertise and the supporting network of the franchise really stepped up – together they created a safe space which collected all the pieces of the puzzle and before I knew it my business was launched.   

What I have brought to the franchise is what I bring to my clients every day – an open mind, keen listener, international business experience and genuine interest in helping people. My business experience is different from the other members of the franchise; however, we use it as a strength because it means that between us, we can achieve more for our clients. Whilst the franchise supports and encourages you to aim higher, it is still expected that you make your own contribution, and this is fair – you are after all a business owner.

Friends, family, and previous colleagues from my corporate days ask me: “What is the one thing you regret about starting your own business?” And my answer will always be the same… that I did not do it sooner.    

Anne Williams

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