The bfa meets Carole O’Brien, franchise partner at Auditel

The bfa meets Carole O’Brien, franchise partner at Auditel

Auditel is an award-winning management consultancy established in 1994, delivering procurement, supply-chain management and business transformation solutions to organisations of all sizes and industry sectors across the UK.

It was after reading an MBA that Carole O’Brien learned about Auditel and she has now been an Auditel franchise partner for 6 months. On International Women’s Day – Carole reflects on her life and career.

“Being brought up in a farming family, from an early age a good work ethic was part of life.  It was also an equalizer. Both my brothers and I were taught that we were all special in our unique ways, but gender was not the differentiator, it was our personalities, dreams, and passions.

When a health curve ball put an end to my veterinary college plans, I had to move onwards and upwards in a different direction. After a short time in teaching, I joined Nortel Networks, where my creativity, leadership skills, hunger to develop and personality were recognised. I had found my calling – procurement, logistics, processes, and people. I had found my ‘me’.

The last 16 years spent working alongside my husband in our IT business, has been empowering. I’ve had time to be with my three sons whilst also feeding my hunger to learn, to help and to achieve my own personal targets. 

Other than a few curved balls, my only challenges have been hurdles I have put up myself. Not because of my gender. Keeping grounded, being true to who I am, treating people the way I wish to be treated, and honesty have been my weapons and shields to any adverse actions by others. 

Over the years, no woman has come close to inspiring me as much as my mum – she has given me so much.  Excluding monetary terms, she has taught me that everything is possible, to reach for the stars and that no matter what happens in life it is your choice how you react to it.  The way she sees difficult times in life has never been more apparent than when my sister passed away. Grief was evident but she used her pain to drive her into helping others, something many years later she continues to do. 

My tips for any women are to be themselves. Know who you are and what your goals are.  Things do not always run smoothly so be prepared that the straight path is not always possible, but taking a diversion is not a bad thing.”  We are always looking for women to join us as Auditel franchise partners. To find out more, please contact Nick Tubb today on 01962 893067, or email nick.tubb@auditel.co.uk.

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