The bfa meets Farzana Rahman, franchisee at Homecare by Kare Plus

The bfa meets Farzana Rahman, franchisee at Homecare by Kare Plus

Ever the healthcare professional, Farzana Rahman wanted a business she could use to reach a wider audience and one that would enable her to change the lives of others, than what she could achieve in normal employment.

Since joining the Kare Plus network in 2019, Farzana has used her community status to do just that and has developed a business that not only delivers care and support but also empowers the customer to receive the best possible care and independence.

In healthcare, true independence can only be achieved through the correct assessment, diagnosis, and care planning preparation of a customer’s needs.

For one customer, Farzana identified a concern where they had not been diagnosed correctly for Dementia, an assessment the former care plan had not considered. Therefore, the customer was receiving care that was not correct for their needs by the former provider. 

Without the amazing dedication from Farzana, the customer would have continued to receive the wrong type of care, resulting in them not having the best quality of life in their own home and a significant loss of independence.

Farzana advised ‘Many people get comfort from being employed by big organisations and this can affect their ability to grow, flourish and achieve what they want to out of their career. I have always had a strong focus within the healthcare sector but recognised the constraints of employment and how this can affect personal growth. Care is not about cutting corners. It is personal and important to ensure that the customer is comfortable and happy after the end of their time with my carers. Because of my franchise, I now own my own business and this allows me and my team to be recognised regularly for the strong level of customer focus and the positive difference that we make’.



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