The bfa meets Gill Gibbon, franchise partner at Auditel

The bfa meets Gill Gibbon, franchise partner at Auditel

Auditel is an award-winning management consultancy established in 1994, delivering procurement, supply-chain management and business transformation solutions to organisations of all sizes and industry sectors across the UK.

Gillian Gibbon has been an Auditel franchise partner since 2003 when, after redundancy hit, and with a young family to support, she decided to take her career in a different direction moving out of the corporate world.  On International Women’s Day – Gill reflects on her life and career.

“Before joining Auditel, I spent many years in a variety of sales team management and account management roles for financial services and products, in environments that were usually very male dominated. As a woman in a ‘man’s world’, I faced many challenges in the office dealing with difficult men and with no flexibility to help juggle motherhood. Now looking back on my career, I did have a few bad experiences as a woman, but they taught me resilience and determination which are skills that have helped me build a successful franchise business over the last 18 years, so I don’t think my gender has held me back at all.

When my daughter finishes her studies and heads out into the world, I truly hope that as a woman she won’t face as many barriers as I and other women will have faced in the past.  Thankfully today, the world is a different place. There are lots of fantastic roles in all sorts of industries, where candidates will be judged on merit and not on gender – whether you are a man, or a woman is irrelevant. 

My advice to my daughter and to any woman starting out in their career is – be confident in yourself, aim high, always stretch yourself to reach your potential and continually look forward to the next step.  In addition, try to work for organisations that have the same values, and a culture where you will be recognised for your achievements and where there will be lots of options for progression and to obtain job satisfaction.

With my children both in their twenties and as they become financially independent with rewarding careers, I hope that I’m a good role model for them. I’m now looking forward to ‘taking my foot off the pedal’ in a few years’ time to travel with my husband to far flung destinations such as New Zealand – providing I’ve saved enough for my retirement fund of course!”

We are always looking for women to join us as Auditel franchise partners. To find out more, please contact Nick Tubb today on 01962 893067, or email nick.tubb@auditel.co.uk. 

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