The bfa meets Jenna and Fay from Little Dreams Consulting

The bfa meets Jenna and Fay from Little Dreams Consulting

After having two children, Jenna realised she wasn’t in love with being a solicitor anymore. For 12 years she had been qualified, specialising in childcare law, and a member of the children panel. To change track, she trained as a sleep consultant while pregnant with her third child and she launched Little Dreams Consulting soon after.

The demand for help with sleep was much greater than she imagined, and, within a year, she had taken on Fay Smith to help as many families as they could. Fay has two children and a background in mental health social work so knows all too well how important sleep is to overall health and wellbeing.  

They say:

‘The demand for sleep took us by surprise. Although it is vital for health, the overriding message for families is that they just need to get on with it and accept they won’t sleep well, something which can be devastating and dangerous for some families.

We doubled our workforce in 2021 from two to four consultants and also have been able to employ an assistant but we realised, early on, that this model would not be sustainable for long term growth and, following a conversation with another BFA member, we looked into franchising.

We both really enjoy the business management and training side of things so, although we are able to continue helping families get a better night’s sleep ourselves, we are also able to provide training and mentoring to our franchisees to enable them to do the same.

Our income growth from Little Dreams Consulting has been 36% in the last year alone and we hope to sustain this in the coming 12 months and, not only did we sell two territories in the first 2 months of launch, we have had a huge amount of interest since this time.

Our aim is to sell and support 5-6 territories by the end of 2022 to ensure our growth is steady but that we are able to maintain our high standards.

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