The bfa meets Lauren Hill, franchisee at The Best Magic Mirrors

The bfa meets Lauren Hill, franchisee at The Best Magic Mirrors

Buying into a franchise in the middle of a pandemic, in the events industry, some might call me crazy but the day I was introduced to The Best Magic Mirrors I knew something felt different. Something had been missing from my career for a while, I wasn’t completely fulfilled and was looking for what the next step would be. I’m a very sociable person and this has always been a big part of my personality so it only felt natural to enter into an industry that is known for being fun and interactive!

At the time we met the owner of the franchise, Chris Goodchild, we were out of the first lockdown so we got to see the Magic Mirror in action at a wedding fair and I also attended a wedding with Chris himself to see how a typical event would look. I was blown away by how amazing the mirror was, the technology is top of the range, the graphics are amazing, it looks beautiful and everyone was drawn to it, I could just see myself doing this day to day and loving every second of it! On top of that, the passion Chris had for the brand stood out to me and I knew that the support I’d receive would be second to none.

I’ve gone into this with my dad and step-mum and after lots of discussions between the three of us and Chris, we decided to go for it, things were (and still are) quite unclear on when the wedding industry will be able to open but I didn’t see this as a negative, instead I saw this as an opportunity to set a really good foundation and focus on all the behind the scenes groundwork that needs to be done to create a successful business; marketing, networking, building relationships, training. We offer zoom consultations to brides and grooms so they can ask all the important questions and we can really get a feel for their special day and what we can do to make it the best experience for them!

Alongside our mirror, we also have the online element of our business which has been amazing seeing as everything has had to turn digital. Our virtual photobooth and memory mosaics create a real talking point for online events such as Christmas parties, team building days, awards ceremonies and product launches. We offer a free demo for our virtual photobooth which has been really popular as you get to see how it works and what to expect before the main event.

So that’s my journey so far, we’ve become The Best Magic Mirrors Windsor, the first franchisee for The Best Magic Mirrors which I feel so honoured and grateful to have been chosen for. I absolutely love being a part of the family, Chris and Kerry are both there whenever I need them, we have regular zoom calls to catch up and throw ideas around and I have met some absolutely lovely people in the industry so far who have all helped me find my feet. Now I can’t wait until the day we can get out there and provide The Best Magic Mirror experience!

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