The bfa meets Leslie Cooper, Husse Franchisee

The bfa meets Leslie Cooper, Husse Franchisee

When I retired the thought of sitting at home was not something I was looking forward to. I decided to start a business of my own.  After checking many companies, I settled on pet food, as I was passionate about the welfare of animals. I travelled down to Husse UK for the induction and was delighted with the quality of food and the affordability of the food for an average family. The branding was eye-catching.

This was easy I was going to be a profitable businesswoman in a short time. NOT, it was a fairly new product in the UK and not well known at the time, so Brand awareness was the start. It took hard work going to all the dog shows, large functions, carnivals and having stalls in any place that would allow us to attend. As well as working on Face book. Giving away samples talking to people about the quality. It took time and effort to get off the ground, then I saw the benefit of the work I had put in, as orders came through, and I starting building a stable clientele. The year 2020 was going to be good I was going to hold my own dog shows, and I was booked in all the major events. All booked and then we got hit with Corona lockdown, and that put a stop to all the events I had planned for the year. No problem,  back to the drawing board, Husse helped with new ideas of marketing, and this year we will go forward with new strategies a bit different to what I am used to. Change is always good to help refresh ideas. I am positive with the strategies we have planned this is also going to be a GOOD YEAR…. Put in the work and it repays well.

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