The bfa meets Louise Beaumont, IWG plc

The bfa meets Louise Beaumont, IWG plc

Louise Beaumont is the Central Franchise Operations Excellence Manager for IWG plc and we wanted to find out about how she came into franchising and what she’s doing at IWG.

How did you find franchising?

I started my franchise journey whilst working at Costa Coffee, I was working in the Brand Standards team when Costa started to franchise and expand the business. We started working with a mix of corporate franchisees and individual business owners as they started to open Costa’s. We were very much a front-line support function for the new partners as they started to find their way to operate their costa top brand standard. I would visit multiple stores every day to assess their delivery of the brand and give advice and best practise to help them improve and run a successful business. I then went on to cover this on a global basis and develop tools and materials to support the partners and drive performance. 

Can you tell us about your journey and role in IWG?

I joined IWG 2 years ago to support the growth of the emerging franchise business, initially to develop our operating manuals but have subsequently been involved in multiple projects to establish the franchise business throughout IWG to support our fast-growing community. I work on topics ranging from induction and training, communications to our partners, operating manuals, audit programmes to internal processes to ensure we are always considering our franchisees in everything we do. 

It is a very exciting time to be part of IWG and with the way we work forever changed from the pandemic, it is going to be a great opportunity to grow the business through franchising. 

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