The bfa meets Mags Fuller, Finance Director at TAB

The bfa meets Mags Fuller, Finance Director at TAB

I am a Finance Director with an English Degree, a slight contradiction, but one that reflects that I am as interested in people and their stories, as I am in “numbers”. 

My road to franchising stretched across two hemispheres, and included literature, accounting, qualifying as a swimming instructor, a fabulous husband and two beautiful daughters.  It took an unexpected turn during a conversation over a glass of wine with a great friend who asked a crazy question – “Do you want to buy the UK franchise for the Alternative Board with me?”

Four years later, and that glass of wine has been literally life changing.  The Alternative Board is all about people, as we support business owners taking their business to the next level, with them, as a person, at the centre of everything we do. 

Our TAB Facilitators in the UK impact not only the lives of the business owners they work with, but their families, their employees and in turn, their employees’ families.  It is an exponential force for good that Ed (my business partner, the friend with the wine!) and I are massively proud of.

Over the last twelve months, to be able to drive our business forward, to support our franchisees in the brilliant work they do, has given true purpose to what could have been an overwhelmingly worrying and fraught year. 

My personal driving force is to show my girls that when you do something that you love, and that you see a real positive impact from, that’s a great place to be.  And they don’t have to get there straight away – a little meander or two makes the road so much more interesting!

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