The bfa meets Pam Gordon, Franchise Consultant, The Franchising Centre

The bfa meets Pam Gordon, Franchise Consultant, The Franchising Centre

Pam’s self employed consultancy business with The Franchising Centre, has enabled her to spend more time with her daughter.

Pam Gordon is a Franchise Consultant with The Franchising Centre.  She practices what she preaches in that she works under a licence of The Franchising Centre using their brands and systems.  Pam has 22 years in franchising in various roles and brings this experience to advise the businesses she works with in developing their own franchise models and supporting them to recruit franchisees.

How did you find franchising?

Like many women once you have a family, I was looking for a more flexible way of working when my daughter started school.  The employed roles I’d done before meant lots of travel and overnight stays and without local family support and a husband in a similar role – something had to change.  So, I looked at taking my skills into a self-employed role to offer me the flexibility I needed.  I investigated a number of franchises but after reviewing the options decided that using the franchise knowledge, I had would be the best route for my experience and interest and I joined The Franchising Centre in October 2014.

Why you do love being a franchisee with The Franchising Centre?

Franchising has given me many things in the last 22 years – initially huge development opportunities within an employed career, now a flexible working environment as a self-employed consultant and within this business the challenge and interest of working with a variety of clients who are in different sectors everything from care to education to damp proofing.

I’ve been self-employed for 6 years now and it has met my requirement which has been an income together with the ability to choose my work / life balance which I think many people are now searching for post-pandemic.  I could have earned more money in employed roles, but the counterbalance are things like walking my daughter to school through her primary years, I never missed a play or sports day as I’m in control of my time.  It is a truism that these are all things that money can’t buy.  So, for anyone looking at making a career change and starting their own business through a franchise I would recommend it and say you won’t regret it as long as you go in with the right level of expectations, a timeframe or exit plan and know your ‘why’ – why are you doing it?

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