The bfa meets Paula Grizzard, TAB partner

The bfa meets Paula Grizzard, TAB partner

What has your journey been – how have you got to where you are today?

My journey began when I was offered the chance to work internationally. This led to my swapping a high-profile role in the corporate world for my own start up.  When peers and family said, “don’t do it!” I realised it was just what I needed – to move outside of my comfort zone.  My journey has been full of highs (success of building a business and employed 16 others, the privilege of working abroad, profit) and the lows (when the economy faltered, and it was time to reinvent).

What challenges have you faced along the way?

Challenges have always been my driving force – risking a secure role for a start-up, the challenge of building a new business and employing people I had to pay myself, constantly working my business development skills and reinvention to 2021 as a multi business owner, TAB Facilitator, Business Consultant and Coach, Founder of a Networking Business and Business Centre!

What are your future goals to help inspire others?

Personal enrichment comes from helping others start up and grow their businesses particularly with female founders. I run business events aimed at growth for business and professional women and have a coaching programme helping them realise personal and business growth. But it’s important that men are part of the conversation, and TAB is an inclusive way to bring out the wisdom to share for all.

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