The bfa meets Rajeena Gurung, Franchisee Consultant at McDonald’s

The bfa meets Rajeena Gurung, Franchisee Consultant at McDonald’s

My name is Rajeena Gurung and I first joined McDonald’s as a part-time Crew Member after high school. Seeing the vast opportunities available to develop and progress my career as a first generation immigrant, underpinned my decision to stay on after finishing my undergraduate degree and embarking upon my business career.

In my current role as a Franchisee Consultant, I represent McDonald’s and work closely with Franchisees as their trusted business partner. The support I offer is varied and tailored according to the needs and priorities of my Franchisees. I work closely with my Franchisees, advising and supporting them with their short and long term business plans.

As a young woman in a male dominated industry, I have been incredibly lucky to have had the backing and support of many men. Equally, I’ve also had to manage challenging conversations and work hard to establish my credibility. Whilst these experiences have knocked my confidence at times, they’ve really motivated me to push harder and progress. Though I’m still learning, I’ve realised that while the support of others is valuable, nothing is more powerful than self-belief.

I’ve had individuals within the company express how I’ve inspired them to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Seeing someone they can relate to has been really empowering, and has instilled in them self-belief. I never truly realised the impact of my actions, but it really resonated with me and highlighted how important and powerful representation is; we can often inspire people without knowing.

What I hope for women is to feel confident and empowered, to believe that we are equal and can achieve anything we set our mind to.

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