The bfa meets Sarah Lloyd, McDonald’s Franchisee

The bfa meets Sarah Lloyd, McDonald’s Franchisee

My name is Sarah Lloyd and I am a McDonald’s Franchisee with three restaurants in the South west.

My background is in the retail sector where I worked initially for a large UK fashion chain at a national level, before entering the grocery retail sector as a Franchisee. I then joined McDonald’s.

The move to McDonald’s continued my journey as a female entrepreneur. As a Franchisee, running my own business is both empowering and liberating; it gives me the independence to make my own decisions, whilst having the security and support of a global brand that is recognised and respected throughout the world.

Being part of a Franchise organisation enables me to utilise both my skills and experience to grow my business, but also network with others to learn and gain support when needed.

Networking is a key part of business and can be challenging at times in its traditional form. Having professional and personal networking channels can be inspiring but also reassuring, whilst helping to build confidence. Mentorship is also important, especially in the early stages of setting up your business. I’ve found that speaking to others who’ve had similar experiences has been a huge support for both my personal and business success.

In selecting mentors and networking channels I feel it’s important to be balanced in the approach. Whilst it can be said that women will be most relevant, I feel it’s important to blend both men and women into these groups. Differing points of view and opinions help to shape your decision making, and the actions you’ll take that can result in growth.
My business success has centred on this approach over the last 20 years and it continues to guide and direct me in terms of both my personal and business decisions.

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