The bfa meets Sian Partridge, owner of Make Holiday Memories

The bfa meets Sian Partridge, owner of Make Holiday Memories

How do I fit it all in? Holding down a full-time job, looking after my family, running my household and on top of that I decided to add on another commitment … running and growing my travel franchise business, “Make Holiday Memories”. This last role is my dream. Helping people with holidays is what I wanted to do from an early age but as is often the case, my career took itself in a different direction and I ended up doing marketing. I took a career break to start and raise a family and when it was time for me to head back to work I fell into various admin roles which fitted well into my family’s schedule but never satisfied the dream that was always in the back of my mind.

I looked into becoming a travel agent but switching careers was proving to be impossible. Everywhere I applied to wanted industry experience which I just didn’t have on paper. Then I came across the Holiday Franchise Company and it didn’t take long to convince me this was the way forward! My own business, my own brand and the training, support and systems of the Franchise already in place to back me up.

I launched in Dec 2019 and things were going better than I had hoped. Then disaster hit in the form of COVID. All the work I had put in and the sales I had made so far were in jeopardy. But rather than lose customers to cancellations I helped them move their bookings until it will be safe to travel and marketed UK breaks to keep things moving until international travel opens up again. Adapt or die!! I was lucky to still have my full-time job for financial support but it meant a heavy workload and the support of the franchise and my family has been invaluable. My focus is on doing the best I can for my customers and keeping positive even in the darkest moments.

So, how do I fit it all in? Necessity, perseverance, support, hard work and just a little bit of Pixie Dust!

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