The bfa talks to Sunny Sachdev about his journey into franchising with The Massage Company

The bfa talks to Sunny Sachdev about his journey into franchising with The Massage Company

Sunny Sachdev had considered starting his own business for some time and when faced with redundancy, he was able to achieve this ambition through franchising. We asked Sunny some questions about his journey.

What did you do as a career before franchising?

“I was in the call centre industry for 25 years managing various sized centres including supporting our partners in Europe.”

Why did you choose to work for yourself after redundancy?

“ I had been mulling over starting my own business for a couple of years however never came across anything that I fancied. Once the redundancy occurred I felt it was a ‘now or never’ moment that I had to grasp!”

Why did you choose franchising?

“I felt Franchising was the perfect platform where I could succeed as a businessman. Meaning I could invest into a product & brand that I really believed in whilst having the expertise of the people who came up with the idea. I felt confident that I had gained enough experience during my management roles to succeed in areas like people management, leadership, driving sales, customer and budget analysis.”

How did you decide on The Massage Company?

“Everything about the business from the first moment I came across it I liked. The more questions I asked the founders and the more I research I carried out, I became more convinced this was the right company for me. It was something new in the market which was highly successful in the States was one of the draws. I was also impressed by how much thought and detail had gone it, for example the customer journey, brand, and operational systems / processes”

Do you have any tips for people facing redundancy and starting their journey into franchising?

“Go with your gut instinct. Talk to as many people that will provide sound advice although be warned you’ll probably get different views which is why yours is the most important one. Naturally carry out thorough due diligence on the business model, it’s owners and anything else linked to the organisation. It is daunting to invest a large sum of your money (and some off the banks!) into something you have very little experience on. In the end it has to be right for you and your family.”

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