Two Oltco Franchisee’s start up their own business after being made redundant in 2020

Two Oltco Franchisee’s start up their own business after being made redundant in 2020

The aftershocks of the global pandemic have been felt across all industries and sectors with many individuals being made redundant from businesses that they have worked with for many years. With a rising number of people being thrust into unemployment it is no wonder that many have taken a step back and reconsidered their goals and ambitions. That is exactly what Paul Steadman and Paul Cowham did this year after they were both made redundant.

After working within the graphic design industry for many years, Paul Steadman found himself searching for an opportunity to run his own business whilst also having the added benefit of an established support network. Franchising presented the perfect solution to Paul and he pursued this with Oltco, the UK’s leading sustainable resin bound driveway company.

Oltco’s expansive network of franchisees, its impressive sustainable offering and it’s ethos to ‘feel good about the work that we do and the decisions that we make’ cemented Paul’s decision to join Oltco as a franchisee.

Paul Steadman, Director of Oltco Guildford, comments: “After six months of uncertainty I found myself looking for some stability, not only for myself but also for my family. Oltco boasts a great work life balance which really struck a chord with me as I was looking to spend more time with my family whilst also running a successful business of my own.”

Paul Cowham has had a similar experience to Paul Steadman after being made redundant from his role as a Senior Design Manager for one of the UK’s largest family owned building contractors in the architecture industry which is an industry that he has worked in for over 30 years. The aftermath of this year left Paul reassessing his ambitions and he was passionate about taking control of his own destiny and growing his own business, one that reflected his own values. Oltco’s sustainable product offering, utilising waste plastic to create stunning outside transformations including driveways, patios and pathways, resonated with Paul. A franchise within the home renovation sector ensured that Paul could utilise many of the skills he had developed from his past experiences.

Paul Cowham, Director of Oltco Harrogate, says: “After a successful career in the architecture and design industry, I was keen to continue working within the property development and home renovation sectors however I knew I wanted to run my own company. I researched various franchise businesses but Oltco was the one that stood out the most to me. Its Recycle Bound product and its feel-good values were precisely what I was looking for. The support I have received since launching and throughout the pandemic has been incredibly reassuring and I feel confident that franchising is the right career move for me.”

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