Venture franchisee celebrates 5 years of success after facing redundancy twice.

Venture franchisee celebrates 5 years of success after facing redundancy twice.

Many people will be re-evaluating their career choices and work life balance after Covid, and unfortunately some people will be facing the daunting prospect of redundancy.

Sarah Mitchell joined Venture Photography as an employee in 2014, taking the decision to become a franchisee and takeover the franchise in Rochdale in 2015, joining a network of franchised portrait studios that operate across the UK.

“Having gone through the fairly painful experience of being made redundant twice in a relatively short period of time, I knew that I wanted to take control of my own future, coupled with the fact that I’d always wanted to be my own boss. Having worked for Venture as a studio manager, I recognised how powerful the franchise model was. Having the reassurance of a proven franchise model behind me, and the knowledge that there was a support network of other studios, coupled with head office support in the areas of photography training and development, marketing, operations and new product development, gave me the confidence to take the move to running my own business.

I knew that there was a great opportunity for me to take my earning ability to the next level, and be in control of my own destiny.”

In the 5 years that Sarah has owned the franchise in Rochdale, the business has shown sales growth every year, growing sales in 2019 by over 15% as compared to 2018.

“The Venture model provides a unique service to clients, which is full of emotional value. A big part of what we do is really understanding each individual family’s unique story, which we then capture in their photography session, and then create bespoke pieces of wall art for them to display in their homes. Based on that we create great relationships with our clients, so all in all it’s a rewarding, creative and enjoyable way to spend your working day”

Sarah and the team at the Rochdale franchise have won a number of awards at Ventures annual awards ceremony over recent years, and are well set to continue their success story, having returned already to pre Covid trading levels.

“I can imagine that there will be a lot of people currently, facing the difficult challenges that I was faced with on being made redundant. However, whilst it might not feel like it at the time, losing my job was actually a blessing in disguise, it allowed me to the time to stop, and look at a wider range of career alternatives. Joining Venture as part of a franchise community has allowed me the opportunity and confidence to truly fulfil my potential in business, and has been one of the best decisions I have ever made”

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