Why when faced with redundancy a Caremark Franchise is a prudent choice.

Why when faced with redundancy a Caremark Franchise is a prudent choice.

Grant Kerns Managing Director of Caremark (Cheshire NE) started providing in-home Care and Support to his local community over the last few weeks, having decided that after being made redundant a Caremark franchise was the right choice.

Having spent 35 years in the Financial Services industry, working for the major banks in various Senior Management and Directorial positions, when redundancy came he decided to leave the financial sector and run his own business: I’ve always had a desire to work for myself and redundancy gave me the opportunity and means to do so. Also, given the current employment climate, it made perfect sense to put the control of my career completely in my own hands”

Having worked in the finance industry for so long Grant knew how to weigh up investment risks and decided Franchising was for him: “It suited my risk appetite as I wanted the comfort of a well-proven model coupled with the support provided by a highly experienced Head Office team”.

So with that criteria in mind he started his search for a business model that suited his needs and on his thorough investigations he describes why he chose a Franchise in the care sector and in particular, a Caremark Franchise: ”I have a passion for improving the lives of others, so a care franchise was the best way of fulfilling this. I choose Caremark as it had the most complete franchise model of all the care franchisors I had researched and all the Caremark staff I spoke too had a real passion for care. The Caremark model covered every aspect of leading a franchise and they continually improve this model by testing new ideas in their company-owned office”.

On his meeting Caremark CEO Kevin Lewis Grant had this to say: Meeting with the CEO very early in the process was also pivotal to my decision as his experience and commitment to care gave me real confidence that I was choosing the right care franchise”.

Grant closed with some advice for anyone looking to embark into the world of Franchising: “Base as much of your research as you can on speaking to existing franchisees and, if possible, service users, as they will always give you valuable insights you can’t get elsewhere”

With over 120 offices and a reputation for excellence, Caremark franchisees like Grant are leading providers of in-home care services. Caremark supports each member of its growing network to build their own success and bring positive change to their local community.

To find out more about your owning your own Caremark Franchise in this resilient growing sector click here or to find out more about the good and services Grant and his team offer the North East Cheshire area, click here.

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