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Caremark Franchisees are growing their businesses to record levels.

Caremark Franchisees are growing their businesses to record levels.

Due to a proven, resilient model, a highly experienced support team and a growing, older population there has never been a better time to invest in a Caremark in-home care franchise.

The population in the UK is set to increase year on year due to ongoing innovations in science resulting in better medicines, better nutrition and the benefits of regular exercise which are all contributing to helping people live longer.

As our population grows, so will the demand on public healthcare services resulting in the need for more and more providers of quality well lead care to meet these requirements.

Between 2017 to 2018, over £17.7 billion was spent on adult social care by local councils in the United Kingdom. As demand grows, local council spending on adult social care will continually be required to adapt to these levels of need. Astonishingly, it is estimated the global healthcare market will be worth £7.7 trillion by 2022.

A Caremark franchise is the perfect way to tap into this market, not only working with the local authorities in your very own territory, but also the private care market, working to a tried and tested business model. We will work with your every step of the way to establish a business that can capitalise on the growing need for in-home care and support services.

Caremark have thorough in-house training and ongoing support to allow the very best chance of an investor successfully running a domiciliary care business in this resilient, growing sector. The Caremark franchise network has enjoyed record growth through 2020 with more and more growth on the horizon.

This experience, knowledge and ongoing support sets us apart enabling us to not only be better equipped to adapt to the changing needs of the healthcare sector but also to the needs of our franchise owners and their continued growth. To learn more about the healthcare sector and why you should consider a Caremark franchise, why not talk to our franchise recruitment team on 01903 266392 or click here.

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