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Caremark gains praise from public and CQC

Home care providers often receive harsh press at the hands of the media. As with all things, the few offending parties can blacken the unseen good reputation of those who are doing a good job and thus home care provision tends to be thought of in a poor light by the general public.

Positive experiences are not always given the exposure they deserve and thus the general public do not get to hear the other side of the story. Happily, delivering good service and having well-trained staff is the ethos of many home care providers.

One such uplifting example comes from the son of a customer of Caremark, a national franchise of homecare provision. The Caremark (Winchester & Eastleigh) office, part of the Caremark UK franchised network, had undergone an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) at the end of last year and following that, the CQC inspector published a very good report. The writer of the following testimonial addressed his comments to the CQC earlier this month regarding Caremark (Winchester & Eastleigh), who are caring for the writer’s mother:

‘I have been interested in reading the recent inspection report carried out by you of the above Domiciliary Care provider published in December 2011.

My mother lives in Eastleigh and has been receiving daily domiciliary care from Caremark (Winchester & Eastleigh) for over a year now. I am her main carer and am writing this in a personal capacity.

Having read the report I would like to endorse the very positive findings of this inspection. The care staff are excellent and provide sensitive and friendly and reliable support tailored to my mother’s needs. She has vascular dementia and a small consistent group of staff visiting that she can get to know has been very beneficial.

The organisation communicates with me extremely well and staff are good at picking up any issues or additional needs my mother has. In a recent situation where I had an accident and was unable to visit my mother for a few weeks the agency were very flexible and additional care was sorted out speedily.

With all the negative publicity around care to older people Caremark (Winchester & Eastleigh) provide an excellent example of how it is possible to deliver high quality care to people which is backed up by good staff, training and efficient organisational support.’

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