Jenna Pembroke – Franchise puts business in the driving seat

Jenna had been working for Angela’s Swim School for many years before thinking of becoming one of her Franchisees. Starting out as a part-time teaching assistant, Jenna went on to achieve her Level Two teaching certificate while still at school. This gave her well-paid part-time hours for her age but left her unable to have full control of her working hours.

After going off to university, Jenna was delighted to find a role with the swim school was still possible. Taking on more hours, she grew in confidence and experience as a pool coordinator at a range of pools. But she was aware there remained a disadvantage to staying a swim instructor.

“As a swimming instructor you have to go looking for available teaching hours and often have to take what you can, with little control over when you work. Now, as a working mum and franchisee I choose when I work, whether that’s teaching or overseeing at pools. I fit this around my family, I’m a mum of 4, and have built up my team to take on the hours that I can’t.”

Jenna took on her Sevenoaks territory and her Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells territory in Kent in 2014. Sevenoaks was already running as a successful franchise, it was a going concern for Jenna, allowing her to retain the venue, client levels and teaching staff. This meant she hit the ground running with her first venture and was immediately able to see revenue returns in response to her investment.

Inspired by this success, Jenna opened three pools in her Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells franchise in her first term. For this area Jenna began from scratch with no swimmers and went on to create popular venues that flourished to full capacity of 350 swimmers a week in under two years. Jenna is now in her further year of her second franchise term for both territories.

Ambitious to grow her business when her children are little older, Jenna is delighted by the return and lifestyle her current business is able to offer her.

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