Sara Harrison – Son inspires new business venture

Sara’s son was taught to swim by Angela’s Swim School founder, Angela Wilson. Watching his swimming improve week after week really inspired Sara and she could see the potential of opening up a franchise of her own. She runs a South London Franchise, working with venues until she now operates a series of four prime locations for weekly lessons in Lambeth, Southwark and Greenwich boroughs.

Part of the appeal of becoming an Angela’s Swim School franchisee for Sara is our Swimstylers learn-to-swim programme. “Talking to my son,” Sara explains, “I could see he really understood what he was learning and how this was helping him become a better swimmer. The Swimstylers levels have child characters not crabs or jellyfish. When a swim teacher wants to inspire learners and say move like our pre-schooler character, or be brave like our improver character when see the similarity for themselves. They want to keep on learning until they become a strong lengths swimmer like our highest level.”

Sara’s found working with the Swimstylers levels in her own franchise really helps children and their parents understand individual progress. After pre-school awards, each level has its own distance challenges, which start from 5m. She finds working through the stages of the badge programme encourages families to stay with us term after term.

Sara has found being a franchisee really rewarding and very much enjoys being part of Angela’s franchise network. “Angela really has a passion for her swimming methods and what she wants children to learn. This really brushes off on us Franchisees and adds much to our own sense of success.”

Sara was awarded New Woman Franchisee of the Year at the EWIF Natwest Bank Awards 2016.

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