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CEO Update, 21st May

CEO Update, 21st May

“Great Leaders don’t set out to be a leader… they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, it’s always about the goal!”
 – Pip Wilkins, CEO

Support on the ground in lockdown:
James Sedgwick, Customer Experience Manager made a career change when joining the association, after 13 years in retail focusing on operational productivity and people management. James stated ‘the main focus of my career has always been customer experience and this is the reason I wanted to join the association…to bring the skills and learnings I have to my role to make sure you get the most out of the membership, after all the customer is at the heart of everything, no matter what business you are in.’
James is key to helping the bfa understand your business strategy and provide support to mechanisms within membership which can positively impact this. Some of the proactive opportunities you can maximise on right now are:

  • Ensure your team contacts are up to date, especially where contacts may have changed in the last few weeks
  • Review your web listings and provide us with the information we need to ensure you brand is represented well to the prospect population – VIEW YOUR GUIDE
  • Pick up the phone and talk to us – we want to know what you want to see and hear. You can contact James on 07834176168 or email him at jamessedgwick@thebfa.org

Andy Dick joined the association in 2016 and is responsible for supporting members through the membership accreditation and compliance processes alongside myself. He is passionate about standards and the ethics and in obtaining the role made a commitment to ensure processes became more customer centric. Andy noted “Historically, the process of upgrading has been onerous for members and that is something I wanted to change. So, over the past few months, I have been working to simplify this process to allow a quicker and more straightforward opportunity for you to upgrade and give you more value for your membership after completion of this. This value will be further increased in the coming months when we announce a partnership that will provide you invaluable insights to identify areas for improvement overall in your networks. And we all know development is always an area of focus in business!” If you would like to find out more about reaccreditation, upgrade or how to leverage this in your network messaging you can contact standards@thebfa.org.

The Leading Educator
We continue our Power Hours and Franchise Surgeries, the schedule for the week ahead, including links is included for you below:

Tuesday 26th May – 4pm
Franchisee Power Hour: Leadership
Graeme McKinnon – Why Leadership
Your franchisee’s opportunity to develop and nurture their leadership skills with an industry expert.

Wednesday 27th May – 11am
Regrouping & making strategic decisions
Expert panel hosted by Pip Wilkins
Explore best practices in making well-thought out strategics decisions to keep you and your business heading in the right direction.

Thursday 28th May – 4pm
Franchisor Power Hour
bfa Executive team & expert panel 
Ask questions to our expert panel or simply soak up the content rich conversation from your franchising peers.

Friday 29th May – 11am
Understanding legalities behind employment decions
Roz Goldstein – Goldstein Legal – 
Helping you to understand the legalities behind bringing staff back from furlough, extending furlough and rules behind redundancies. 

bfa 2020 virtual series – re-group / rebuild / regenerate
Bringing the Franchise Training Academy to you, the virtual series provides accessible high quality solutions to current industry challenges delivered by accredited experts.

As it is the first of its kind in the Training Academy portfolio we have some flexible introductory offers for you and your teams. What better way to ensure you are equipped with the insight and support needed to build solid foundations for a strong growth out of 2020.

  • Go solo for £50.00 per programme
  • Go all in for £125.00 per series*

*Series includes 3 x 1 day programmes designed to take you on an intense journey including access to your series action group where you can engage in action planning and execution. Importantly any series participants also benefit from 250 QFP points.

Representation and strength in numbers
Two weeks’ ago I announced the launch of the bfa Franchisee Hub and Franchisee Power Hours. I am pleased to confirm a number of franchisors have been forthcoming in the support of the group and we now have 81 franchisees from 16 franchise brands represented and are averaging 20 attendees per Power Hour. Some fabulous comments have been received from both franchisors and franchisees in relation to the support on offer and we look forward to seeing the development of this group and the impact it can have to encouraging franchise inter-trade in the future.

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