Adriana Cocut, Kare Plus Newark

Social Value is also of huge importance to Kare Plus and to provide care and support services within communities, nationally, we are extremely proud of.

The core principles of a Kare Plus are perfectly aligned to this and they ensure that equality, environmental stability, and the wellbeing of individuals are enhanced in line with all core actions that we undertake.

When Adriana Cocut. Kare Plus Newark went on a customer assessment, she soon identified a problem relating to the accommodation where the customer was living, the issue was because the accommodation was far from suitable for the customer’s needs. She took it upon herself, knowing this was largely impacting the customers wellbeing and overall health, to support them to source new accommodation. She fully assessed the risk and then supported the customer to identify viable options.

Acting as an advocate Adriana has now supported this client to source accommodation that fits their requirements and promotes their wellbeing.

The customer was more than happy to relay he feedback on the support he received stating I would like to say thank you to you and your team of carers who listened to me. Thanks to Kare Plus Newark and other professionals I will move to a new house’.

This is just a typical example of the caring nature of our network whilst operating under a national brand, quality care and going the extra mile is still at the forefront of our community values.

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