Joan O’Sullivan, Swimtime UK Ltd

On 18th March 2020 our Swimtime Swim Teachers, ceased delivering lessons as the country went into lockdown. A challenge Swimtime faced was how to continuing to keep in contact with them and keep their skills honed, as most operated in their local area with their main point of contact being the local Swimtime Franchisee, who was no longer able to operate. Joan went above and beyond, engaging with our Swimtime Teachers by offering a series of CPD’s covering an array of topics, all designed to enhance their learning and build upon their knowledge and expertise. During the first 4 months Joan was responsible for teaching over 860 individuals via online video sessions. A very time-consuming task, that took some serious organisation and communication. The positive feedback received has been immense! We have managed to keep our teacher network together, added to their personal professional development and brought them closer as a group. Joan has gone on to set up a private Facebook Group where our Teacher Community can access events, continue to be supported as well as support one another. That is why Joan is our Swimtime Lockdown Hero!

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