Kevin Riley, Action Coach

From the very beginning of COVID-19 lockdown, Kevin demonstrated exceptional leadership and support to his clients and community. His unfaltering belief that businesses could not only survive, but that they would thrive during lockdown was a beacon of light during a highly uncertain time.

Kevin immediately looked for ways to support as many businesses as he could and ensure that coaching was accessible to everyone. He offered payment breaks and reduced rates to current clients and set up free weekly coaching webinars for any business owner or employee to attend.

He increased his ‘gifted coaching’ from 5 hours to 15 hours per week (and frequently gifted more than this). He hosted free workshops and speaking events where he coached on the importance of a positive mindset, resilience, time management, sales, marketing, strategy planning and more. In total, Kevin gifted 181 free coaching sessions to 753 people during lockdown (March–June 2020).

He worked long days and gave up his holiday time to ensure that he could help as many businesses as possible. The results spoke for themselves – one client created a new product offering in March which generated unexpectant income during lockdown, another client had their highest ever online sales in April and another client pivoted their events business to online sales and virtual events to ensure they thrived.

Kevin made it his mission to ensure every business owner he reached saw the opportunities available to them and in doing so he had a tremendous impact on our local community.

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