Margie Colman

During Lockdown, Poppies Cleaning Service had reluctantly stopped providing cleaning services inside clients’ homes.  However we have always understood that, for a good proportion of our clients, the company and connections our regular cleaning services incorporate are an extremely important element of what we provide. Many of our staff worked tirelessly through the period telephoning clients to simply talk with them, resulting in strengthened relationships.

One particular connection between an elderly client in Liverpool and Margie Colman – one of our trusted cleaners at Poppies – has, in the last week, saved a life.

Margie had telephoned Fred on Monday morning – to ask if he wanted us to pick up any shopping for him ahead of his service – but had not got an answer. Fred didn’t answer his phone in the afternoon either, which was so unusual that alarm bells started to ring in Margie’s mind.

Margie went round to Fred’s home and could not get an answer at the door. The bedroom curtains were drawn and the blinds were down. Deeply concerned and ever resourceful, Margie went to Fred’s neighbour whom she knew had a key to the home. 89-year-old Fred had fallen in his bathroom more than 12 hours earlier and was in distress. He had no way of raising the alarm, no expectation of visitors and was fast losing hope. He is now recovering in hospital thanks to the selflessness and thoughtful actions of Poppies’ Margie Colman – Margie we salute and thank you

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