Paul Limb, Action Coach

Paul and his team at ActionCOACH Bolton have worked tirelessly to help as many business owners as possible to survive and thrive during the pandemic. He has gifted all his spare coaching slots and provided free webinars and workshops to over 450 individual business owners to date and continues to do so. He opened up his private Zoom sessions to all local business owners, provided expert advice and guests, formed a WhatsApp group and loaded his website with free resources and opportunities for learning.

His primary goal is to help as many business owners and their teams as possible and his core value is abundance.

Some posts from people we have helped during the pandemic

Paul’s delivery is smooth, respectful and disciplined… I have seen numerous speakers, coaches and mentors over the years some forcefully dictating “its my way or the highway” Paul is subtle and dynamic. The thing that impressed me the most about Paul, when the CV-19 lockdown came he opened up his private zoom meetings to his entire network, organised experts to speak on a daily basis, invited questions from attendees, did the research and delivered the answers, results or feedback the following day. This went on for over 8 weeks, I presume it was exhausting, this was all free… I know some of the attendees were really struggling some financially, some with mental health others in general panic, Paul kept their spirits up ran the meetings and supported his audience. If I was ever looking for a coach or mentor, Paul would be top of my list, Nice one Paul what a Legend.

Joe Duncan – Professional Power Flushing Service

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