Sarah Preston, Subway

As the UK closed down in March, so did 123 Subway stores within the Five Counties
territory. Overnight 65 business owners lost their livelihood with no certainty of a return to
Operations Manager Sarah Preston, who usually works with a team of five, immediately
stepped up without hesitation to provide support and reassurance to the business owners.
Whether via Zoom calls, emails or telephone, Sarah was available 24/7 to answer questions
and provide clear guidance to all store owners.

She led the implementation of the new COVID safe operating procedures for all the stores. Her commitment and determination has enabled 119 stores to reopen, meaning almost 1000 people were able to return to work safely.

She also helped set up new third-party delivery services which allowed many stores to reopen.

Her resilience throughout this time has been incredible. She worked tirelessly throughout, all the while homeschooling her daughter and taking care of her father whilst he recovered from surgery. She absolutely embodied the spirit of lockdown. 

Her husband Rob said, “Sarah always somehow turned what little time she had into quality family time, trying her best to ensure we all felt she was present and that things were normal. She was totally committed to supporting the owners. Her single-minded determination ensured the survival and success for all involved with Subway. She’s done an unbelievable job, without ever letting on that it was a struggle for her to maintain the extremely high standard that she sets for herself.”

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