Sean Purcell, Action Coach

From when COVID-19 first hit the UK, Sean could see that it would have a dramatic effect on business. Sean began thinking of how he could help the businesses he worked with, along with offering free help to others. Sean began to put together webinars and the Better Business podcast, to help support SMEs with expert advice, free resources and of-the-time tips and tricks.

Through his local network of entrepreneurs, Sean enabled businesses to grow and learn from each other, and in some cases even partner up to ride out this tough time and come out the other side more resilient.

Sean gave up his free time and 10% of his working hours to create free content for local businesses to use. In a time when businesses needed his help the most, he offered his expertise for free, helping companies to ride out this crisis.

Testimonial from Matthew Amodio, Founder of Amobox

“We had a full order book and then the pandemic hit, that’s why I signed on to Sean’s Survive and Thrive program. Sean really helped with the planning and marketing of things, making sure the world knew when we were reopening. He gave us confidence to believe in the business and made me look at the things that I needed to. Ultimately, Sean has helped me calm down, and not get too worried and that has made a big difference with how the team feel and kept me on the straight and narrow!”

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