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James, Hannah, Natasha, Peter,
Fiona, David, Dan, Brent
Tommy, Katie, Patrick, Chrissie

As almost all businesses know to endure the economic ravages brought on by COVID-19 has been a challenge of unprecedented proportions. Here at Water Babies we saw all of our 70+ franchises around the world completely cease trading and our 52,000 clients stop swimming.

Like many organisations we went into survival mode doing all the things that have become familiar to so many businesses, from cutting costs to worst of all furloughing circa 38 of our HO team of 50.

All bad enough in their own right, but then as many more know we had the utter shock of loosing our CEO, Steve to this wretched disease. Young, strong as an Ox, no underlying conditions, when he went into hospital on 1st April we all fully expected him to bounce out – after the longest month of our lives he passed away on 30th April. 

Water Babies is an extremely tight knit family and Steve was our dad; there are simply no words to describe the utter emotional devastation of this event.

With this as our backdrop it would be justified to see our network and HO team fall apart but the very opposite happened. 

It fell on the shoulders of the greatly reduced team of 12 at HO to not just keep going but to see and grasp the opportunities  to ensure we came out of this stronger – Water Babies has never had a franchisee fail and this was the No.1 goal set by the team and with unimaginable effort, dedication, determination, and sheer will they are on course to meet this objective.

Helping 100% of the worldwide network secure Govt. loans, and grants, a full program of client engagement the pinnacle of which was two weeks of Water Babies live content – you’ve never seen anything until you have seen a WB lesson in the shower! – first 9 month and then 3 year business plans for all franchises worldwide, the complete re-writing of the entire WB teacher program to produce Covid appropriate lessons together with the associated training of circa 500 teachers around the world, compilation of new office and H&S protocols and again training all these out world wide, direct franchisee support from ‘daily’ update webinars, to working groups, to individual contact sessions, across international time zones stretching from Canada, to China to New Zealand…the list of implemented strategies and practical support is epically long and exhaustive; 12 hour plus days, seven day a week since March, this amazing team of 12 have been Herculean!

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