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Dwyer Group UK launches new franchising program to support military veterans resettlement

In celebration of Armed Forces Day 2018 on 30 June, Dwyer Group, one of the world’s largest parent companies of home service brands, is launching VetFran in the UK, a new franchising program that offers military veterans a new pathway to business ownership and civilian life.

VetFran, which was originated by the Dwyer Group in the United States over 27 years ago, is a program to thank the men and women for their service to our country and assist those interested in franchising to make a smooth transition.  Financial discounts are available to
transitional military personnel and current veterans in the UK who want to own a franchise, including 15% off the franchise fee for the initial base territory purchase, as well as special vendor incentives for those that qualify.  

“The success of the VetFran program in the US has inspired us to launch the scheme in the UK and we’re proud to provide the opportunity to help transition military personnel and current veterans to become franchisees”, says Jeff Meyers, Vice President of International Operations at the Dwyer Group.  “We are very fond of what the military does and the people they turn out as they have a great skill set to translate to franchised businesses – both using leadership skills, hard work and the mindset to follow a proven system.  Not only do we have a few ex-military working for Dwyer Group UK, but we also have some franchisees who have made the transition over to franchising and have never looked back.  We hope that many more veterans will take this opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals by being in business themselves.”

Sue Mark, a Bright & Beautiful franchise owner covering Hampshire, said: “Having completed 22 years’ service in the Navy as an engineer, I chose to go into franchising as I wanted to be in charge of both my own destiny and a team of people.  Just over two years ago, I bought a Bright & Beautiful franchise, which is part of a network of 57 franchisees belonging to the Dwyer Group family of brands, and have built up a team of 13 housekeepers.  I wanted a new challenge of being my own boss, as well as setting up a new business that had systems already in place with support, guidance and training from its franchisor.  The skills I gained in the Navy has been totally transferable to the commercial world and have been invaluable to the day to day running of my business, from organisational through to being able to deal with any situation that arises in a calm manner.  Working for yourself is hugely rewarding and already I am reaping the rewards from all the effort and hard work I have put into growing the franchise.“

Allan Rook, Drain Doctor franchise owner covering Portsmouth and Southampton, said: “The 16 years I spent as a mechanical engineer in the army has been pivotal to the success of my Drain Doctor franchise as I have been able to bring a variety of transferable skills and qualities to the civilian workplace, which I developed and gained from my military career.  I have been a franchise owner for 21 years now, and without the vast experience and aptitude gained from the army, I would not have enjoyed the success that I have achieved to date.  From learning how to be self-sufficient, thinking logically, problem solving and being a team player are just a few of the key skills, coupled with the confidence and knowledge to deal with complex situations and or people.  Despite having run my own business prior to joining Drain Doctor, the key difference was having the guidance and support from head office, i.e. the franchisor, and being part of a network has helped me to connect with other franchisees and brands and share both experiences and knowledge.  I’m excited about our future and onward journey with Drain Doctor.”

Dwyer Group’s passion to help veterans dates back to 1991 when Don Dwyer Sr., founder of Dwyer Group, created VetFran, a program aimed at supporting veterans and their spouses’ ability to access franchise opportunities through education, financial assistance and industry mentorship. Today, Dwyer Group is enormously proud of military personnel and veterans in the UK and is offering VetFran program as a thank you to those who have served and protected their country.  

For more about the VetFran program at Dwyer Group, visit www.dwyergroup.com/about-us/vetfran-program/

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