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Ed’s Garden Maintenance welcome new franchisee to the team

Ed`s Garden Maintenance are delighted to welcome Ade Hiley to their ever-expanding team of Ed’s Operators.  

Ade has just signed up to run his own Ed’s business in Sheffield. This is very exciting as Ade’s business will be the first Ed’s business in the north of England. 

Ade has taken a very structured approach whilst working out if Ed’s was right from him. With that focus and Ed’s established business model as well as the support given him, the Ed’s team are sure that Ade will make the most of the business opportunity he has before him.

“My last job was a director in the financial services sector. I’ve spent most of my career in financial services and recent work developments have given me the opportunity to take my career in a different direction.” Ade said. “After the initial excitement at the prospect of having real freedom to choose what I do next, I’ve taken a very pragmatic and objective look at what to do next.  A franchise business appealed to me from the start but there are lots of different ones out there and I wanted to be 100% certain that I was choosing the right one for me.”

Ade said on the decision making process, “Aside from the fact that I found gardening more appealing than all the others, Ed’s hit me straight away as standing out from the competition by a long way. They just seemed to have the balance right across the board. They were very professional but totally approachable right from the start and gauged things just right by giving me ALL the information I needed to make a really informed decision but without ever being pushy or making me feel that I was asking too much or the feeling that the process was moving quicker than I wanted it to.” He continued, “What’s more, I really liked their ethos and felt that I could fit into Ed’s really well from the word go.  Everything is geared to the individual rather than a ‘sausage machine’ approach. This runs from everything from finding the right people right through to their training and support.”

“The business model clearly works very well and it has been tried and tested time and again in different parts of the country. I am delighted to be their first Operator ‘up north’ although I am sure more will follow. I know there is a brilliant opportunity right here on my doorstep. I just need the right platform and support to leverage it fully. I have no doubt that Ed’s will give me that.” Ade finished. “The freedom aspect is just great as well. After a very long time in Corporate life I feel really energized to be striking out and doing something so enjoyable on my own while still being part of a successful team.”

Ade Hiley, Ed's Garden Maintenance's newest franchisee
Ade Hiley, Ed’s Garden Maintenance’s newest franchisee

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