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Ed’s Garden Services welcomes Graeme

Ed’s Garden Services are delighted to welcome Graeme to our growing team of Ed’s Operators.

Graeme has recently moved with his family to the UK from Zimbabwe to invest in an Ed’s business in Worcester Park, Surrey. Anita, an Ed’s Operator in Wimbledon is co-investing in this well-established business, which Ed’s Operator, Tim, has built up over a period of almost ten years. However, Graeme will be at the helm, running the garden services business on a day-to-day basis. Having been very impressed by Graeme, Ed’s feel that he certainly has the right qualities to be a successful Operator!

Here is what Graeme has to say about his decision to join Ed’s, “I have spent all of my career to date in the transport sector in Zimbabwe. We have had plans to move to the UK for some time. However, I have been waiting for the right business venture to come along in order to make that move.”

“I have known Anita for many years and found out about Ed’s through her. It was clear to me that she had developed quite a scale of a garden services business. She also clearly really enjoys what she does.   When the chance to buy Tim’s business arose, I had no doubt that it was the right move to make. It was clearly a very good business to invest in, within a respected and well-established garden services franchise business.  It also fitted perfectly with my aspirations for a healthy, outdoorsy job.  I am used to wide-open spaces in Zimbabwe. I couldn’t stand the thought of a job where I was cooped up in an office all day.

I’ve had lots of support through the buying process from Anita, Tim and Ed’s of course.  I feel very well supported and I have found the buying process a lot less scary than one would imagine.

I am very excited about taking this venture forward. The business is already strong and I love the challenge of taking it to the next level of success. We’ve only just signed the deal but I’m really looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting on with running it.  I love the fact that I will have a healthy, outdoors lifestyle. It is a big bonus.  I may miss that African sunshine for a while though!”

Graeme and Anita, from Ed's Garden Services, Worcester Park, Surrey
Graeme and Anita, from Ed’s Garden Services, Worcester Park, Surrey

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